Sidestreet Reny (J. Renard Collette) - Vocals, Guitar, production and songs
Lil’Bel (Maribel Landaetta) - Drums, Vocals, Washboard, precussions

Sidestreet Reny & Lil’Bell are something, well, unique. He’s a beautiful guitar player, really squeezing every drop of soul out of that tinny, wild-sounding instrument with the metal pie-plate top. But he’s a helluva a singer and songwriter too. And he comes at it from his beginnings as a rap artist, so his songs tend to have a modern-zeitgeist, social-protest bent (lyrically), coming at you through that gut-bucket, gut-wrenching ’30s resonator guitar sound that feels dirt-poor, mad and about 100 years old. It’s an odd mix. When Reny really gets going, he stomps his foot in a frightening, raise-twist-slap-down manner that makes you fearful he’ll break something (like his ankle). Reny’s wife, Lil’ Bell, really is lil’ (about 4 foot 11, and all of maybe 90 pounds). But she can play the drums like a ring in a bell and sing like a bird, the perfect accompaniment to Reny’s spare, brimstone performances. Somehow they manage to forge their own sound and push musical boundaries in an era when many other musicians strive to sound the same.

Over the years Reny has traveled extensively and shared the stage with many acts such as A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, Xanax 25, Bass and Trouble, Culver City Dub Collective, Paula Fuga and Ice Cube just to name a few and played at festivals and clubs throughout Scandinavia, Germany, and the U.S. Reny (aka J-sun or Jason Fine) has been featured on various international remixes and albums/singles including Brian McKnight - I Can't Go For That, Vanessa Williams - The Comfort Zone remixes, Inner Circle - Bad Boys remix and a string of European releases. Reny has also accumulated an impressive back catalog of songs and recordings including 5 commercially unreleased cd's and Mp3's (available online only).

Self produced Releases
  • Medicine Show (duo), 1996
  • The Demos (duo), 1998
  • the Road Less Travelled (duo), 2000
  • the Complete SSR & LB, 2004
  • Tonal Tonics and Musical Elixers (trio) 2005
  • Breakbeat Blues (production), 2006
  • Not Seen the Light of Day (trio), 2009
Reny's Guest Rap Vocal Appearances:
  • Brian McKnight - I can't Go For That,1992
  • Vanessa Williams - Comfort Zone Remix,1992
  • Inner Circle - Bad Boys Remixes, 1991
  • Alagaami - Head to the Toe, 1993
  • Chaos - Chaos Rap, 1990
"from early delta blues to early Jamaican toasting and on to urban rap and hiphop is a direct line, though not a frequently traveled one, and Sidestreet Reny illustrates the links musically as well as lyrically... wow I love this!" - Woodstock Taylor UK (Garageband.com)  
Every track on this CD is unique and it is all self-penned with powerful, emotive and often critical lyrics. It is a total mixture of Blues infused with roots, folk, hip-hop, rap and soft rock all played with fingerstyle and slide on 1932 National Triolian, with double bass, drums, Blues-harp and washboard. It's taken a century of US musical heritage out of its boxes, redesigned into new textures and shapes. The opening track, 'Intro', is best described as the Blues meets the Buddha! 'BK' is hip-hop infused Blues, with real moralistically profound lyrics. On 'Money Blues' that National underpins Sidestreet Reny's grit blue vocal, with Lil'Bell's sweet vocal harmonies and steady drumming combining Bako Billy Fuller's upright bass to proclaim lyrics which discuss the evils of money. Then they throw a curveball - 'Jeannie', a well-crafted melodic soft rock number reminiscent of the '70s band Bread. Rap and especially hip-hop are often regarded as being highly negative forms of music, 'Hungry' readdresses that criticism - a poignant comment on the condition of certain quarters of disenfranchised youth. An album for us critics to rave about, hopefully a few music fans will take our word for it! - reviewed by Carol Borrington, Blues Matters UK.
"the passionate nature of the music and performance variations add to the spiritual nature of the music…a special outing for those afficianados looking for something different" - Laura Phillips (Music Connection)  
  A masterpiece of minimalism! Once in a great long while, you happen upon an artist whose music is so honest and true that when you listen to it, you feel like you've come home. Sidestreet Reny is such a band of musicians and there is no risk of confusing them with anyone else on the music scene today. This trio almost defies category, and they have managed to forge their own sound and push musical boundaries in an era when many other musicians strive to sound the same. more
"Sidestreet Reny is one of the most interesting players I've heard in a long time" - Don Young (president, National Reso-Phonic guitars)